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“333 WORDS harnesses the power of technology to deliver a never before possible system that teaches students how to communicate using a unique integrated skills approach to reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.”

John Eyles — Leading English Language Expert.

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Created by Lauren Cleaver, a volunteer English teacher, in Central America – 333 Words is a logical, elegant, game-changing method of learning languages, including English. 333 Words provides a platform from which students can quickly build all their future English language learning. 333 Words is presently offered in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mandarin. Other languages are in the works.

  • 333 Words utilizes a logical learning methodology with a set of 333 carefully selected, common and necessary words that are also essential for survival.
  • These 333 words are introduced to the student in a carefully orchestrated learning sequence designed to maximize logical learning, and thus, retention.
  • Technology used by 333 Words allows students to hear how English words are pronounced, and practice and listen to their own pronunciation.
  • And… 333 WORDS is convenient so students are able to work at their own pace, as their schedules permit, and study almost anywhere.
  • Free English Lessons that actually work!  Wow!

333 Words is unique in identifying the main problems most new English language learners experience: understanding how to pronounce and spell English words, speaking in the past tense, and lack of confidence.

“The 333 Words English Language System is specifically designed to allow the student to build confidence and, at the same time, be able to use important and necessary words correctly,” said Lauren Cleaver, creator of the 333 Words English Language System. “The unique column based learning system, allows students to build confidence ultimately freeing the student to experiment with more difficult concepts. Students becomes more proficient in the language in a startling short amount of time.”


333 WORDS is presently offered in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, and French. 

Changing the way the world communicates -
333 WORDS at a time.