333 WORDS is the best way to learn English fast!

Do you have places to go, people to see?  Let’s do this!

With 333 Words in thirty minutes you will understand the basics of a simple English sentence, and be able to read, pronounce, and understand the most important words in the English language.  In just a few hours you will be able to understand and speak basic English – no kidding.  In a few more hours – you will be well on your way to becoming a fluent English speaker.  If you want to learn English fast, you’ve come to the right place!

How many words do you need to communicate in basic English?  Not as many as most people think! The key to learning basic English is learning the right words, not thousands of words.  In fact, one of the world’s smartest individuals believes that with a vocabulary of 500 words – people are well on their way to communicating. 333 Words teaches you these keys words, and how they are organized so that you can communicate – you can explain what you want, need, like and have; and you can understand what other people want, need, like and have.

The structure of English lends itself to learning quickly.  The 333 Words method is so logical, and effective – It is surprising that no one has used it before.  333 Words uses a simple, logical structure to teach English… and it actually works!

333 Words abandons the academic fantasy of learning English via the mind numbingly dull concepts of past participles, adverbial conjunctions, etc. Yay!  Students actually learn to speak English.  What a concept!

333 Words unabashedly turns conventional English learning on its head.  Get ready!  Because now billions (yes, billions) of people can finally learn basic English. Who knows? Maybe with better communication, the world will become a better place.

How Does 333 Words Work?

333 Words uses:

  • 333 common English words that everyone needs to communicate.
  • A lesson plan that introduces these 333 words in a deliberate, logical sequence.
  • Column based learning – students learn the interchangeability of words in a particular column.
  • Minimization of verb conjugation.
  • Two Magic Words which allow students to easily speak in past and future tense.
  • Technology allows students to see how an English words is spelled, and hear it pronounced.
  • Technology allows students to listen to English words pronounced, and then record themselves speaking the same words – and then compare the two.
  • Technology allows students to free themselves from local English teachers in their part of the world – who often have poor English pronunciation themselves.

What 333 Words Doesn’t Use…

  • Teaching concepts like “The Eight Parts of Speech.”
  • Teaching academic concepts such as “past participles”, “infinitive clauses”, “past perfect tense”, and “participial adjectives.” (Most college educated English speakers can’t easily tell you what these concepts are! Why bog down an eager English learner with them?)
  • English via random haphazard phrases, although some social phrases are introduced.
  • Vocabulary for vocabulary’s sake.
  • A variety of past tense verb forms before students are ready.

333 WORDS enseña a las personas como hablar ingles

333 WORDS enseña a la gente cómo iniciar rápidamente ha hablar Inglés. 333 Palabras empieza a enseñar palabras clave – y tiene estudiantes formando, escuchando y practicando frases dentro de unos pocos minutos de haber iniciado el curso. 

333 WORDS enseña Inglés básico – y la base le permite a los estudiantes seguir aprendiendo inglés durante años. 333 tiene a las personas practicando lectura, hablando y pronunciando las palabras inglesas importantes en los primeros minutos del curso. (A diferencia de otros métodos fallidos de “El aprendizaje de Ingles”, donde los estudiantes confían en que algún día en el futuro, después de que estudian más y más, y aprenden listas y listas de palabras, más conjugaciones de verbos, y las definiciones técnicas … entonces van a ser capaces de hablar Inglés, O donde los estudiantes se les enseña a través de imágenes, las palabras: bola y pan, perros y gatos -.. pero nunca les enseña cómo se usan esas palabras en una oración).

333 WORDS fue inventado por alguien, que no intenta ser un maestro de ingles, pero quien “si termina las cosas”.

Aprender a hablar Inglés requiere que la gente entienda cómo se forma una oración en Inglés, y lo que las palabras en inglés más importantes significan. Entonces los estudiantes necesitan practicar. Con 333 WORDS los estudiantes inmediatamente oyen, ven y practican las palabras más importantes en ingles, como “Yo, usted, nosotros, ellos”. Inmediatamente desarrollan un oído para esas palabras importantes en inglés, y luego aprenden cómo esas palabras se organizan en Inglés .

Using column based learning and emphasis on important as opposed to trivial English words – English learning actually happens!

333 WORDS is presently offered in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, and French. 

Changing the way the world communicates -
333 WORDS at a time.